You would receive the photographs on a USB stick placed in a luxury case and as an online gallery. Each package includes photographs printed by us. We also offer exclusive photo books. We cooperate with one of the best photo book manufacturers in the world – Antalphotobooks – with the lifespan of 150 years.

      Yes, it is always the two of us taking photos of a wedding. We are partners in life, but also at work. If possible, we split up during the morning preparations in order to avoid unnecessary stress with changing places, but most importantly, to also capture moments with your loved ones.

      Our goal is to provide photographs of the best quality possible in a short period of time so you can enjoy them whilst your memories are still fresh. It can take from 6 to 12 weeks for you to receive all photos.

      All the photographs will be individually edited: contrast, colors, saturation, white balance. Photographs will be ready for printing, but we also provide web-ready photographs for the use on fb, insta, twitter etc.

      We will discuss all the details of your upcoming wedding with you. After confirming all aspects and after a mutual agreement (personal meeting/e-mail), we will send you a contract and an invoice for the payment of the deposit. You can book the wedding date by paying the deposit of 30 % of the price of your selected package.

      It is really difficult to say an exact number. It also depends on the package that you choose.
      We don’t count the photos – we usually hand in 800 – 900+ photos from the whole wedding.

      There is no exact answer because it all depends on the date of the wedding. Weekend dates in the high season, from May to October, are sometimes booked up to a year and a half in advance, others may be available even half a year in advance. We suggest that you contact us immediately after choosing date of your wedding.

      Not. We are both professional photographers. We believe this is one of our greatest strengths, we work as a husband and wife team of two professional photographers. This is how we can combine a woman's and a man's point of view into one story.

      Of course and very happy. We are destination wedding photographers. We travel a lot for wedding and portrait sessions.

      Not. We are both professional photographers. We focus exclusively on photography, but we are more than happy to recommend great wedding videographers.

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